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Station’s EVA Causes Orbital Science’s Cygnus Launch Scrubbed

NASA managers are postponing the upcoming Orbital Sciences commercial cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station to proceed with a series of spacewalks to replace a faulty pump module on the space station.


Astronaut Rick Mastracchio posted this image of a spacesuit inside the Quest airlock Tuesday via his Twitter account, @AstroRM.
Image Credit: NASA

NASA Television will air a news briefing at 4 a.m. MYT (GMT+8) on Wednesday, Dec. 19 to preview the spacewalks.

Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus spacecraft, atop its Antares rocket, now will launch no earlier than mid-January. The postponement of the Antares launch will allow ample time for the station crew to focus on repairing a faulty pump module that stopped working properly on Dec. 11.

NASA currently plans for two Expedition 38 astronauts to venture outside the space station Dec. 21, 23 and 25. NASA astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Mike Hopkins will remove a pump module that has a failed valve. They will replace it with an existing spare that is stored on an external stowage platform. The pump is associated with one of the station’s two external cooling loops, which circulate ammonia outside the station to keep both internal and external equipment cool. Each of the three spacewalks will begin at 8:10 p.m. and is scheduled to last six and a half hours. NASA TV coverage will begin at 7:15 p.m.


ATV-4 or “Albert Einstein” Completes Mission at Station


The European Space Agency’s fourth Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV-4) undocks from the aft port of the International Space Station’s Zvezda service module.

The European Space Agency’s fourth Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV-4), also known as the “Albert Einstein,” undocked from the aft port of the International Space Station’s Zvezda service module at 4:55 a.m. EDT Monday. Its departure sets the stage for the relocation of a Soyuz spacecraft currently docked at the station and the arrival of three new crew members…

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ATV-4 Ready for Today’s Undocking


 The European Space Agency’s Automated Transfer Vehicle-4 (ATV-4) “Albert Einstein” is about to dock to the orbital outpost at 2:07 GMT, June 15, 2013, following a ten-day period of free-flight.

The Expedition 37 crew is getting Europe’s “Albert Einstein” Automated Transfer Vehicle-4 (ATV-4) ready for its undocking. The ATV-4 has been filled with trash and its hatches have been closed. European Space Agency mission controllers will deorbit the ATV-4 over the Pacific Ocean.

The ATV-4 delivered more than 7 tons of food, fuel and supplies on June 15. It’s undocking is scheduled for 4:59 p.m. MYT Monday. NASA Television will cover the event live beginning at 4:45 p.m.

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